This Weeek:

Sunday, Oct. 20: Worship at Our Savior’s & St. Matthew 8:45A; Trinity 10:30A & Sundown 10:45A.

Monday, Oct. 21: Valley View worship 10:00A.  St. Matthew Council 7:00P.

Wednesday, Oct. 23: Adult bible study 6:00P at St. Matthew.  Confirmation/Christian education 6:15P with worship 7:15P at St. Matthew.

Thursday, Oct. 24: Scenic Valley Pastors Conference at English Luth, Walnut Grove.

Saturday, Oct. 26: First Communion Class at St. Matthew 9:00A – 3:00P.

Sunday, Oct. 27: Worship services at Our Savior’s & St. Matthew (First Communion) 8:45A; Trinity 10:30A and Sundown 10:45A.


Our Mission 2 MS team is working with the Revel's United Methodist Church in Greenville, MS for July 26-Aug 1st, 2020. .  We will also have one joint fundraiser at the Pizza Ranch in Redwood Falls on Monday night Oct. 28th.  The youth will receive 10% of the sales from 5-8pm along with any tips gathered that night.  This trip should be a trip to meet youth from Greenville MS, as well as work with them on a gathering for their back pack give away, as well as doing some painting at the future bunk house.  Similar to the last trip, we will do some sightseeing and enjoy learning more about the area.  If you are interested see your pastor, or youth leader, or call Pr. Nita Parker 507-360-7582

Do any of you have special talents? We would absolutely love to have people share their talent with their faith community.  Could you help with special music on a Sunday? Could you help with some yard/tree/garden work? Could you provide art work to share?  Please share your God given talent with your faith community.

The Deadline for getting information in to the bulletin is Wednesday at 9:00P.  We start printing bulletins on Thursday and need time to get everything included.  Thank you for your help in making it possible to do the job!

The Deadline for getting things in to the newsletter is the 20th of the month.  We need time to gather and print them so that we get the newsletters mailed out to homes in time for the new month.

New Members: Anyone interested in becoming a new member, please contact Pr. Nita at 507-360-7582 or call the church office at 342-53