This Week:..

Thursday, April 18:  Maundy Thursday Worship at Trinity & St. Matthew 7:00P.

Friday, April 19: Good Friday worship at Sundown 3:00P and St. Matthew 7:00P.

Sunday, April 21: Easter Sunday worship at Sundown 6:30A w/breakfast to follow; Our Savior’s 7:00A w/breakfast to follow;

St. Matthew 9:00A and Trinity 10:00A

. Tuesday, April 23: Text study at Shalom.

Wednesday, April 24: Last day of Christian Education 6:00P.  Adult Bible Study 6:00P, Confirmation 6:00P at St. Matthew with worship at 7:15P.

Sunday, April 28: Teacher Appreciation & last day of Sunday School. Worship services at Our Savior’s & St. Matthew 8:45A; Trinity 10:30A

and Sundown 10:45A.

(Check Calendar for Worship Times, Bible Study & Communion)


Easter Sunday Worship Services: Sundown 6:30A with breakfast to follow; Our Savior’s 7:00A with breakfast to follow; St. Matthew 9:00A and Trinity 10:00A.

The Deadline for getting information in to the bulletin is Wednesday at 9:00P.  We start printing bulletins on Thursday and need time to get everything included.  Thank you for your help in making it possible to do the job!


The Deadline for getting things in to the newsletter is the 20th of the month.  We need time to gather and print them so that we get the newsletters mailed out to homes in time for the new month.

New Members: Anyone interested in becoming a new member, please contact Pr. Nita at 507-360-7582 or call the church office at 342-532

St. Matthew, in an effort to encourage and support fellowship among it's members will be holding coffee and goodies after worship on the first Sunday of every month.   A free will donation will be accepted.

SW MN Synodical Convention of Women of the ELCA is May 3rd & 4th at First Lutheran Church in Marshall MN.   Make plans now to attend and explore “Embraced by the Winds of Grace”.   Come for the business on the 3rd and the 4th for Worship, Speakers, Workshops, Displays!   Registration deadline is April 13.    An information packet will be in Our Savior's social room with copies of the registration form.  For the email of the packet information contact Cheri Novak or log on to the website. 

We are making connections to go to Nebraska and help with the cleanup.  At this point it looks like we will check in with people each week and see where they want us to go.  Right now they are just working on the destruction and clean out, as the water is still expected to rise in some areas.  We have a few ideas for housing, so when we here where we are needed most we will make those arrangements.  So if you are able to go and spend a few days to clean out and clean up please let me know.  I am going to try to coordinate from here with contacts there.  We are raising funds to help where we can.  I know that there are meetings with leaders from the area about what they need, and where they need it most.  At this point they are cleaning out, and then they have to let it air out and dry before they will know the extent of the damage.  They are not rebuilding, it is all just clean up and clean out at this point.  If you have questions, or you know a time when you will be able to go please call me and I will find a place to send you with a place to stay too.  Amy Goepfert who is from Milroy works at a church in Omaha and is helping with the coordination, as is Bill and Jo Peterson from Osceola.  We are hopeful to get a crew going soon!  Pr. Nita Parker  507-360-7582